bubble gum frosting cupcakes with gelatin bubbles.
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2 Holland Grove Terrace by A D LAB 
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Typography montage

Today we spotted Dominique Falla, desginer and artist from Australia. Inspired by 20 years of illustration, she tought about handdrawing and doing more with typography. The result is an opus of amazing works done with filaments and nails. She says:”The idea was born because I wanted to enter the Positive Posters competition and I wanted to do some wound string, so the concept of an interlocking network was born.” As beeing a crafty kid, it is no wonder that she is always in the making phase to discover new things and materials. It’s all about tactile typography and digital aesthetic. Enjoy her amazing work!

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Day 8: Sweets

We went to Ayala Heights to try Carmen’s Best Ice Cream salted caramel and cheese flavors, plus had pancakes at Pancake House. The view of the sloping golf course while sitting by the sunset was so breath taking. More of like this please. <3

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For All Mankind: Vintage NASA Photographs 1964 – 1983

Exhibition at Breese Little

“You recognise that you’re not there because you deserve to be there, that you were just lucky, you’re the representative of humanity at that point in history, having that experience, in a sense, for the rest of mankind.” Apollo Astronaut, For All Mankind, Al Reinert, Eureka, 1989

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I’m sorry, but this is art.

Felix Cane performing her winning 2009 Pole Dance Championship routine


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Decent Super Bowl commercial.

David Beckham is a magic sex person.



Decent Super Bowl commercial.

David Beckham is a magic sex person.

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"And you became like the coffee,
in the deliciousness, and the bitterness and the addiction."

 Mahmoud Darwish (via fuckingsparklyunicorns)

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